Question everything. Challenge the ordinary.

DESIRE, REQUIRE. Question everything. Challenge the ordinary. Royal land is where boldness meets functionality, the bizarre finds comfort, and customization comes alive.

We dive into a world where wild shapes and intricate details intertwine, where every product is a canvas waiting to be customized according to the wildest dreams.

Brace yourself for a riot of colors, complexity, and uncompromising precision, meticulously crafted by skilled hands, as if each piece were a work of art.

Immerse yourself in the realm of handcrafted mastery, where passion and craftsmanship merge seamlessly, bringing your imagination to life.

Together, we will redefine what’s possible and unleash the true artistry within every creation.

Beyond the limits lies ROYAL(ty)

Sofia Pinho

Co-Founder & Head Designer

Sofia Pinho Santos, Co-Founder and Head Designer of Royal Stranger is a Portuguese architect born in Porto, Portugal.

After an internship with architect Carlos Castanheira, she participated in several collaborative projects with the renowned architect Álvaro Siza Vieira and afterwards co-founded an architecture and interior design studio with architect Rui Moreira Santos (Co-Founder of Royal Stranger).

Having had interior design projects which have been internationally recognized and having made to the finals of international interior design competitions, Sofia has had a will for an unique and beautiful creations from an early age.

Inspired by every delicate detail both in and outside nature and with her head always up in the clouds, Sofia started her path of designing exclusive pieces of furniture when she presented Royal Stranger to the world in September of 2017 at Maison et Object in Paris. And what other city would be more appropriate to do so than the City of Love, Light and Luxury…and Art Deco, of course.

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