Sofas & Armchairs

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  • Origami pays reverence to the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and figures.

  • Embrace Sofa is fond of neat lines. It encapsulates unique curvy shapes that spaciously entwine around the human body.

  • Featuring an enfolding composition of geometrical shapes, the Embrace Armchair will cozy you up in a nest-like chair.

  • Pleasing to the eye and touch, the voluptuous Plump Sofa displays an appealing roundness that gently hugs the human body.

  • Inspired by the 70’s, the versatile Charles Armchair balances opposing and contrasting textures perfectly.

  • Sweet, soft and fluffy. The elegant and timeless Jasmine Swivel Armchair is the latest trend.

  • The iconic armchair of Royal Stranger has a mist of sweetness and elegance.

  • The Marshmallow Sofa is a funny sofa with sweet and round shapes.

  • his piece carries us to a powerful , noble and masculine ambience.

  • Rockchair is an ambitious and luxurious armchair.

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