Embrace Sofa

Embrace Sofa

Embrace Sofa

Embrace Sofa

Embrace Sofa is fond of neat lines. It encapsulates unique curvy shapes that spaciously entwine around the human body.

These curves are seen in the ample seat and elongated backrest, as well as in the four legs on the sides and the back of the sofa. The design blends comfort and warmth into your room, while simultaneously holding a unique, smooth aesthetic.

Embrace Sofa will bond with joyful meetings, book readings, and long naps – allowing a contagious sentiment of serenity to dwell in every self.

Width 200cm | 78.7‘’
Depth 90cm | 35.4‘’
Height 70cm | 28‘’
Seat Height 47cm | 18.5‘’
Seat Depth 62cm | 24.4‘’

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Upholstery Available in the following Royal Selection fabrics by Kvadrat: Gentle 2, Sprinkles, Uniform Melange,
Sisu, Coda 2, Husk, or Plecto. Available in COM (Client’s Own Material).

Product Features
Solid wood frame
Foam in 100% PU British Standard fire specifications
Foam in American Standard CAL 117 for USA
Fire retardant interliner upon request

COM (Client’s Own Material) requirements
Fabric 7.5 m | 295.3‘’
Based on plain fabric, standard width 1.40 m | 55’’
Leather 115.5 square feet.

Note In case of COM, ROYAL STRANGER recommends the use of fabrics with elasticity.

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A piece so peculiar will surely reflect our client’s personality. Attention to detail brings uniqueness.

Customer's Own Material


The selection of materials is a collaborative team effort. The result… that can only be perfection.

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