Meyer Table

Meyer Table

Meyer Table

Meyer Table

Meyer Table takes inspiration from Oscar Niemeyer’s notable work. Inheriting from its sinuous shapes and horizontal lines, it conveys a swell, stable aesthetic.

Its rounded tabletop brings a mature presence to the room. It rests on a set of three coordinated curved legs that connect it to the ground, while being encircled by a metallic rim.

The latter, adorned with small sphere-shaped details, adds a visual sense of stability to the design, while borrowing from its rounded shapes.

Meyer Table’s eloquent discourse flows from architecture to furniture scale.

Width 160cm | 62.9‘’
Depth 160cm | 62.9‘’
Height 75cm | 29.5‘’

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Table Top Carrara Marble, Nero Marquina, Estremoz, Rose
Estremoz, Guatemala Green and Emperador with polished or
honed finish.
Base in walnut or Sottsass wood veneers, in Red, Orange or
Grey colors, or lacquered in all NCS/RAL colors, or in gold and silver leaf, with glossy or matte finish.
Ring Available in brass and stainless steel, with polished or brushed finish, or lacquered in all NCS/RAL colors
with matte or glossy finish.

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