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Bespoke Bathroom


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Mercedes Pop-up Store

Porto, Portugal | 2020

Porto, Portugal Project by: Royal Stranger In collaboration with Sociedade Comercial C. Santos presenting the exclusive AMG GT model at the Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace, in the heart of Porto.

Black & White at St. Tropez

St Tropez, France | 2020

St Tropez, France Project by: Royal Stranger A luxurious Black and White space full of light, made to appreciate the magic brightness of St. Tropez. A calm and collected vibe, with neutral colors and shinny materials, reflect the fresh and contemporary style of this living room. Designed and Handmade with LOVE in Portugal

Italian Dining Room

Palermo, Italy | 2020

Palermo, Italy Project by: Royal Stranger A bold project in Italy, designed by our team at @royal.stranger. This beautiful dining room features some of our most beloved items like the Honeycomb Table, The Hive Chair, Marshmallow Double Stool, Marshmallow Table Lamp and Marshmallow Sideboard and the fleshly arrived lamps from the MA’AM line.

Museum of Ice Cream

New York City, USA | 2018

New York City, USA Project by: Royal Stranger A lovely and sweet Bespoke project specially made for the sweetest dreamer lady of New York. Maryellis Bunn, founder of the Museum of Ice Cream challenged Royal Stranger’s head designer to create a desk for her having the Marshmallow Sideboard in mind. Thank you for trusting Royal …

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