Queen Heart Small Table

Queen Heart Small Table

Queen Heart Small Table

Queen Heart Small Table

The sweet and romantic shape of the Queen Heart Side Table is inspired by the Wonderland Stories.

It turns any space into a joyful, magical and enchanted place.


Width 60cm | 23.6‘’
Depth 50cm | 19.6’’
Height 50cm | 19.6’’

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Body Available in walnut or lacquered in all NCS/RAL colors, or in gold and silver leaf, with glossy or matte finish.

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A piece so peculiar will surely reflect our client’s personality. Attention to detail brings uniqueness.

Customer's Own Material


The selection of materials is a collaborative team effort. The result… that can only be perfection.

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Repeat!It’s time to fullyenjoy what’s yours.Let’sship it!All ourcreations aremade-to-order,according to yourrequest.We focus ontailoring your talesYou see it,and you love it
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